GMO Labeling Initiatives Support Naturopathic Practice

The GMO labeling campaigns in California and Washington State have done what no one organization could ever have accomplished by itself. They’ve created a mounting wave of awareness across the US, awakening millions of Americans to the issues surrounding GMOs. State by state, we will continue to push for labeling, and it’s just a matter of time before the industry’s expensive PR machine won’t be able to confuse voters any more. Some of the state initiatives currently in the works include:

New Hampshire: HB 6603 would require labeling of “any human or animal food offered for retail sale” as of July 1, 2014.

Oregon: GMO Free Oregon has plans to begin collecting signatures to get a GMO labeling initiative on the 2014 ballot.

Hawaii County, Hawaii: Bill 1135 would ban GMO crops from being grown on the island, with exceptions for some GE crops that are already being cultivated.

Richmond, California: The Richmond city council is drafting an ordinance that would require genetically engineered foods sold in its jurisdiction to be labeled.


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