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The Essence: Naturopathic Practice

flower1The word, “Essence” captures my practice. I seek to find the true cause and core issues that are negatively affecting the body and hindering it from returning to its optimum state. Once I identify the obstacles, then I formulate an individualized treatment plan using a combination of natural remedies and therapies.

My ultimate goal is to assist people in getting back in touch with their true “essence”, and reach their full potential both in physical health and in life. All services I offer are geared towards achieving this goal.

The Essence: Holistic Approach to Medicine

Our health is supported by four pillars: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Each pillar is equally important.

If any one pillar of our health is weak, it stresses the body, creates imbalance, and puts the body off course. A good analogy is driving a car — imagine each tire representing one of the four pillars. In order for the car to go straight, each tire needs to have good pressure and be in shape. In my practice, I not only treat the physical body, but also assess what is happening in all other areas of health. If I see the need, I may incorporate other healing modalities with traditional naturopathic treatments, such as Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy (I.E.T.), flower essence remedies, aromatherapy, etc. Especially in treating chronic illness, this integrated approach is crucial to reaching optimum health.

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