Patient Testimonials

Sherry B. Woodland Hills, CA

All I can say is “Thank god for Dr. Nishida.” I have been fortunate enough to be a patient of Dr. Midori Nishida for the past ten years. I first came to Dr. Nishida when I had Lymes Disease – the first reported case in California. I was out of work for 6 months due to the disease. I was taking antibiotics, but still not getting my energy or strength back. I had been to many doctors looking for additional help. Dr. Nishida assessed my body, determined what toxins were still left in my body from the tick bite, and prescribed the necessary herbs to clean out my system. In no time, I felt like a new person and got my life back. In the years since then, Dr. Nishida has helped me keep my immune system strong. She is an incredible diagnostician, a great doctor, and most intuitive. Anyone that I have referred to Dr. Nishida has been so very grateful.

I can never thank Dr.Nishida enough for all that she has done for me and my family!!

Suzanne M. North Hills, CA

“There’s nothing else I can do for you”, he said. “We have tried every treatment, every drug.” ‘He’ was my neurologist/headache specialist. That was almost 4 years ago – just before my 50th birthday. I had suffered from severe migraines for 25 years and they were getting increasingly worse. I had them 3 to 4 times a week. I was in chronic pain, missing a lot of work, depressed, and I just couldn’t imagine continuing to live with the pain. Friends and co-workers didn’t understand most of the time and that didn’t help either. I didn’t know what I was going to do. That is – until I found Dr. Midori Nishida. Dr. Nishida gave me back my life! That might sound extreme to some of you…but it is true. After my first visit and subsequently taking the naturopathic remedies she prescribed – my headaches decreased by 50%. With each subsequent visit to Dr. Nishida -Midori- I got better and better. I still get an occasional migraine – it’s usually gone within 2 hours and the pain is nothing like it used to be. I actually look forward to living now – not just existing. Dr. Midori gave me back my life, my hope, my joy! I am happy and healthy. My friends comment that they no longer see the pain ‘written’ on my face – instead they see happiness! I will never be able to say enough or thank her enough.

Note: I started menopause a couple of years ago – I am drama and symptom free thanks to Dr. Midori! Dr. Midori, you are a true blessing and I am thankful for the friend that referred me to you. Also, thanks for helping my sister.

Ellie J. Santa Monica, CA

It was a day in February 2010 and out of nowhere I suddenly could not taste or smell. At first I thought it was a cold, although it didn’t feel like a cold. The symptoms continued for weeks and I sought help from an integrative M.D. and herbalist. Both practitioners knew me well, having been in their care at different times over the years.

Neither of them nailed it. It was a drag not being able to taste or smell. And puzzling to me. Thankfully I remembered having seen Dr. Midori Nishida years ago. I was also hearing amazing things about her through a close friend who was in her care at the time. I needed help! In my visit with her, after she finished assessing me she immediately had an answer for me. It was heavy metal toxicity. I was so grateful to have an answer about what was going on with me. And so the journey of healing began with Dr. Midori. My experience of having been in her care has and continues to be extraordinary. Soon after I regained my taste and smell. I was ecstatic! She also helped with a myriad of other symptoms during the detox process. Her knowledge is vast, sensitive, profound, eclectic, brilliant and humble. Healing is what happens when you work with her. She also creates a unique and safe place to help you acknowledge and explore your emotional body. I really appreciate that and it feels like a large and integral part of why we heal. I feel great now and am always grateful for Dr. Midori. I’ve referred many people to her and will continue to do so. Everyone loves and appreciates her. We are all so blessed to know and work with her.

Michele M. Venice, CA

When I first saw Dr. Midori Nishida, I was suffering from acute chronic fatigue. Things were so bad I was walking around with a feeling of pressure on my chest, passing out as soon as I sat on the couch and dealing with a host of related health issues including intense foggy brain. After thousands of dollars of tests in the months prior, Western doctors said I was fine, or offered explanations that just didn’t add up. But Dr. Midori was able to pinpoint stress that I was carrying in my body and pinpoint the right supplements and herbs to bring me back to a normal, balanced state. After 4 months under her care, my chronic fatigue is SO much better and the pressure on my chest is entirely gone! I have energy, I can think clearly, and I feel like a new person. A thousand thanks, Dr. Midori!

Joyce G. Santa Monica, CA

My story is simple … Dr. Midori Nishida keeps me healthy! Her method of treatment is insightful, intuitive and thorough. With her vast knowledge of the body and alternative holistic approaches, Dr. Nishida is able to detect viruses, bacteria, hormonal imbalances (and much more!) with clarity and confidence. I am healthier than I’ve ever been and frankly I thought I was always healthy! But going deep within the cellular, energetic and emotional bodies, it is amazing to know that we can achieve the optimum level of health with Dr. Nishida’s abilities. I have more energy than ever, my immune system is strong and I owe it all to Dr. Nishida! I try to live a balanced lifestyle but being in balance is not always easy in this toxic environment of ours. So when I feel out of balance, I head over to Dr. Nishida’s serene and inviting office. She is able to determine what the imbalance is in my body, provide me with the appropriate support and, most importantly, she listens and cares. Dr. Nishida is committed to the health of her patients and provides the most amazing support and compassion to us all. Aren’t we lucky to know her? I feel blessed.

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